About the Summit

Banks, Financial Institutions & FinTech as Agents of Change

Myanmar's banking sector is undergoing rapid transformation as more foreign banks are granted licenses, new regulations effected and technological infrastructure ramping-up. The country is in the middle of a positive economic transition and its market widely regarded as the last true frontier filled with real opportunities.

Myanmar's financial sector is the least developed in South East Asia, and given the sheer size of its emerging market, growth potentials continue to look very promising. With a population of more than 50 million, over 90% of its people are still unbanked. Agent banking has been identified as an effective vehicle to drive true financial inclusion driven by rapid mobile penetration rate - telcos are expected to cover 90% of the population within the next three years compared to 10% in 2013 - along with innovative financial technologies.

Additionally, financial technologies will be crucial for Myanmar banks to keep-up with the speed of reforms and its regional peers, especially with the recent entry of foreign banks and Myanmar's joining the ASEAN Economic Community market.

Key Facts Driving the Summit

•      Myanmar is at the tipping point of a financial landscape transformation. More international banks were recently granted licenses to operate in Myanmar and the Yangon Stock Exchange recently launched.
•      Mobile penetration in Myanmar exploded from approximately five million a few months ago to over 18 million current users. ICT infrastructure was also recently enhanced.
•      Despite strong recent economic growth, still less than 20% of the population can access banking services in a predominantly cash-based economy, with 70% of this population in rural areas.
•      The absence of traditional banking infrastructure makes it a prime territory for agent banking operations.
•      Banks and MFIs need new capabilities and innovative best practices to grow their businesses.
•      Other Asian countries undergoing digital transformation - such as Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and India - also create tremendous opportunities for FinTech.

Following the success of previous banking events in Myanmar combined with strong market demand, the inaugural Emerging Asia FinTech & Agent Banking Summit 2016 is set to deliver first-hand insights and robust opinions from industry experts to help you better strategize your FinTech and Agent Banking blueprints. Network with key industry players and seize the opportunity to benefit from the only authoritative platform that showcases and dissects real issues, providing you with a practical assessment of emerging opportunities from the region's financial transformation.

Why You Must Not Miss this Summit

•      The Emerging Asia FinTech & Agent Banking Summit 2016 is the only authoritative agent banking and FinTech event in the region to have a special focus on Myanmar, along with presentations from key emerging economies of Asia.
•      Probe the exciting opportunities present in the region.
•      Hear from policy makers and government officials about their plans and targets for a coherent and favourable operating environment.
•      Meet with key stakeholders and decision makers involved in the revolution of Asia's agent banking initiatives.
•      Address the complexities involved in this sector's development and learn how you can manage the risks.
•      Adopt best practice strategies and discover tried-and-tested technical know-how from successful projects in the region.

Who Should Attend the Summit

•      Policy Makers and Government Ministry Officials
•      Director-Generals, Presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors and General Managers
•      Banks
•      Microfinance and Other Financial Institutions
•      Telecom Operators
•      NGOs
•      Consulting Firms
•      IT Service Delivery Firms
•      E-Wallets and Mobile Money Solution Providers
•      Contactless and NFC Payment Vendors
•      Payment Infrastructure Providers
•      Core Banking Technology Providers
•      Other Solution Providers for the Banking & Finance Industry