Speaking Opportunities

Are you interested in speaking at one of our upcoming conferences? Our speakers are drawn from the highest level of government, industry & trade thought leaders, industry movers & shakers.

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We are continuously searching for industry experts to speak at our conferences in Africa, Asia, Europe & Middle East. Besides sharing your expertise with the audience, you will also receive complimentary access to the entire event.

As a frequent speaker at international telecom events, I can easily say that the 4G International Forum is on my top-5 list. It was very well-organized, true knowledge sharing was really encouraged and the delegates were among the highest ranked, particularly for the Asian region. If Magenta Global would ask me to speak at the conference again in next year, I would gladly do my outmost to find time in my calendar to be able to join. "
-- Jan Larsson, Senior Partner & CEO, Telecom Strategy Ltd

Our speakers set the pace...

Mr Dariush Mirfendereski, managing director and head of inflation-linked trading at UBS, said: "The market sees a lot of demand for this sort of an Asian growth story and, therefore, exposure to higher inflation and higher real rates that should come with that. The problem is that there aren't many Asian economies issuing inflation bonds. "
-- Reported by Ryan Huang Wenwu, TODAY Newspaper dated 9 November 2010

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